Be Gross with Me So I Know It’s Real

Alright, it’s confession time. I fart around my husband. A lot. And after I fart, I either laugh, or continue my day as if nothing happened.

You see, when you’re young newlyweds, things like farting are nothing out of the ordinary. Everybody farts. And everybody poops. It’s no big deal, right? So, why do people still have a problem being gross around their significant other?

The Moment that Defined My Relationship

There was a day back in high school, before we became young newlyweds, when I was hanging out with my now-husband. And in that moment, he said something that made me laugh so hard, the fart I was trying to hold in squeezed out of my butt and made the cutest and funniest “toot!” in my life.

young newlyweds comfortable farting around each otherI was mortified, embarrassed, terrified! He would kick me out and never want to see me again! He would barf on me from being so grossed out! Girls aren’t supposed to fart!

But instead of that fart making it the end of our relationship, that fart introduced a new and transformed part of our relationship. He started cracking up! And that made me laugh, too! Of course, he said, “Ew!” while he was laughing, but it wasn’t the end of the world. We laughed for a really long time about it, and after that, we went on with our afternoon of hanging out.

I believe that moment that defined the relationship simply because I started to be okay with showing my true self around him. There were times after that when he helped clear up pimples on my face. And, of course, he farted around me, too.

Even in the more recent years, we’re still gross. We’re supposed to be “adults”– whatever that means– but we’ve done some childish things. He once dutch-ovened me to the point where it wasn’t funny anymore, and I actually got pissed with him (for about twenty minutes). And, I’m never afraid to pick my nose around him when it needs picking. Also, we occasionally poop with the door open. We’re not sorry about it.

How You Know It’s Real

Young newlyweds should know the importance of being comfortable around their significant other. So many girls say they won’t order finger food when they’re on a date so they won’t get their hands and mouth dirty. And I think that’s bullshit. When you try to be pristine and pretty and perfect all the time, you are not allowing your true self to emerge. Your SO will fall for this clean and perfect girl, and what happens down the line? Are you going to go through marriage and NEVER let out a fart or let him know you have gas? Pssh, please. That’s no life to live. Order those messy ribs, and if you need to let one rip, know that it’s perfectly natural, and it could be a nice ice-breaker to make the two of you more comfortable. Who knows?

Comfort is the best part about any marriage or long-term relationship. You need to be able to be your full, unfiltered self at all times. If you don’t feel secure enough to do that, find someone who makes you feel that secure. It’s simple.


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