About Me

I was born in an age of hopeless romanticism. I blame my mom. She would always put on Disney movies, where the princesses fell in love with a prince. We also watched those movies where the angsty protagonist (Will Smith or Hugh Grant) fell in love with the unlikely girl. And because of those films (and because my parents were married for over 25 years), I believed in love. I believed it could last.

I went through middle and high school yearning to be loved– or at least liked– by my crushes. But, no one chose to look my way. That is, until I met the only other person in my predominantly-black high school who wasn’t afraid to wear a band tee to school.

Garrett and I met early in life, and decided not to wait to start the rest of our lives together. And since we got married in 2013, a lot of crazy life-changing events have happened that molded our relationship and made us stronger. Let me share some of those things with you.

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